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T/A house


The T/A house is a three-spanned structure formed from four parallel walls which create three volumes; these are respectively 3.4, 5, and 2.8 metres high and occupy a long, narrow terrain.
These volumes were positioned additively on the site between the house’s exterior and interior to create interconnecting rooms of similar proportions.
This model of connected rooms – something also to be found in such vernacular architecture as that of farmhouses in Puglia, rural Catalan farms, and the three-part plan of houses in Jaffa – permits a permeable flow between the activities of the inhabitants of the house and their social life.

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S house


The collector’s house is a total renovation of a villa, built in the 1980’s in a green residential area, near the sea, not far from Tel Aviv.
The initial idea for this project was to remove the panels covering the sloping roof beams from the interior of the house, and to align the height of the windows, in this way, changing their relationship with the existing walls, in order to allow a wider view of the house’s internal garden. The house is hidden by greenery, shielded by a thick curtain of hedges and plants.

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