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PRS offices


During the Vietnam war the Pentagon developed a quick and easy way for paving new roads for the transport and movements of the armed forces. They did this by using reinforced plastic strips; they anchored these to the ground and over them they beat down earth from the surrounding area…

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Allied offices


The structural I beam of the ceiling anthem and the working area desk coincide.

The idea behind planning the total floor space of Allied Group offices, is to create a prototype of a furniture system that withstands the load of existing slabs.

The incorporate units transfer the force to contiguous structural compression members and allow wide openings in the floor below, without changing the skeleton of the built environment.

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PRS2 offices


“Agreement on a few rules give rise to extraordinarily complex games. Chess is defined by fewer than two dozen rules, but humankind continues to find new possibilities in the game after hundred years of intensive study. As we seeds, much comes from little.”

From the twelfth floor of the Shabet tower on Herbert Samuel St. it is impossible to distinguish the sky from the sea. In particular, during stormy days, the choppy waves and the whitish foams confuse with the steams of the “complex, impure and non-shaped set” of clouds’ world.

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